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Mt Adams & Takhlakh Lake - 2016    Mt Adams & Takhlakh Lake - 2017    Mt Adams & Takhlakh Lake - 2018

Fall foliage at Mt Adams & Takhlakh Lake - 2018

N Cascade Loop    Cascade Loop & Leavenworth    Mt. Hood Scenic Byway    White Pass Scenic Byway

* Fantastic Spring/Summer/Fall Photo Ops in North West in 2017!

Trips in 2023 ---->   Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - August 2022 and October 6th, 2023  

25th anniversary Hood mountain trip - August 15th 2023  

Cancun, Mexico trip - March 6th-10th 2023  

Trips in 2022 ---->   Grand Canyon West, Arizona - March 15 2022  

YellowStone, Grand Teton National Park, Montana - June 20-24, 2022  

Crystal Mountain Resort Gondola, July 24, 2022  

Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - August 2022

Lost Lake, Trillium Lake, Diamond Lake, Oregon - September 2022

Sunday Drive to Paradise & Reflection Lake at Mt Rainier

Miami Beach, Florida November 7th-11th

Trips in 2021 ---->   Leavenworth in Winter Feb 7-8th 2021!!   Paradise, Mt Rainier - April

Schreiner's Gardens, Oregon - May 2021

Multnomah Falls, Vista House along Columbia Gorge

Timberline Lodge under Mt Hood, and Lost Lake, Oregon - June 2021

Mt Rainier Loop, July 11, 2021   Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Mountains, July 18, 2021

Crystal Mountain Resort Gondola, July 27, 2021

Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - August 2021

Disney World at Orlando Florida November 2021

Trips in 2020 ---->   Philippines trip - Dec 26th-Jan 14th!   Cannon Beach, OR trip! Aug 16th, 2020

Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - September 2020

South Falls hike at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon   Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

Trips in 2019 ---->   Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 3rd-7th, 2019

Trips in 2019 ---->   Moon and Wildflowers at SE Mt Rainier   Mowich Lake in NW Mt Rainier

Trips in 2019 ---->   Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - September 2nd-5th

Trips in 2019 ---->   Stormy Seaside, CannonBeach, Astoria   Beautiful Sequim, WA

Trips in 2019 ---->   Mt Rainier & Moon from Milory Bridge, Puyallup   Puyallup Bradley Lake and Levee Pond

Trips in 2018 ---->   White Pass Ski Resort   2018 Philippines trip!   Mt Rainier, May 12, 2018   Mt Rainier, July 3rd-4th, 2018

Trips in 2018 ---->   Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - Aug 18   Paradise, Mt Rainier - May 2018   Tipsoo Lake, White River, Sept 2018

Trips in 2018 ---->   Fall foliage at Takhlakh Lake, Mt Adams - Oct 2018   Snoqualmie area Fall Foliage - Oct 2018

Mt St Helen's - 2015    Mt St Helen's Windy Ridge - 2017

Baker & Shuksan Mountain, WA - 2014    Baker & Shuksan Mountain, WA - 2017

Glacier National Park, Montana - 2009    Jasper, British Columbia, Alberta, Canada - 2009

Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 3rd-7th, 2019

N Oregon Coast    2017 Lincoln City Beach, OR    OR Coast & N. CA Redwoods

Stormy Seaside, CannonBeach, Astoria

Rocky Mountain Stallion, Clydesdales & other horses

Thunderbirds at 2016 McChord's Air Show    2006 McChord's Air Show    Corvettes

LeMay Museum Budweiser Clydesdales Cruise In    LeMay Museum '60 Years of Vette' Opening


Alaska Cruise on the Golden Princess    Sedona, AZ

Disneyland, CA   Disney World, Orlando, FL

Mike Duncan Bird Photography

Jack's 5 former Corvettes!   Jack's Ram 1500

Jack's Desktop Builds!   Jack's Laptop Paint jobs and builds

Jack & Iryn's new home!   Jack's home theater setup!

Dan Mason Visits

Seattle Seahawk Super Bowl Champion Parade!

Christmas in the NW!

Christmas at the Moskovita home!




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